Universite de Bordeaux

The CyVi Group, based at the University of Bordeaux in the Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM), is an interdisciplinary team focused on developing and applying methodologies for assessing environmental impacts and natural resource usage, particularly through life cycle assessment (LCA). Divided into two axes, their research involves quantifying flows in the technosphere and environment, characterizing sustainability indicators like environmental impacts and circularity, and supporting researchers in chemistry, materials science, and recycling technologies to innovate sustainably in the laboratory.

Role in the project:

The role of the CyVi group (Université de Bordeaux) involves conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and criticality assessments of raw materials within the LuxHyVal project, ensuring environmentally conscious development. Responsibilities include collecting and analyzing data from various sources, building LCA models, and comparing environmental impacts of green hydrogen production with fossil-derived hydrogen, computing environmental footprints,. Additionally, collaborating with partners in developing eco-design strategies, and communicating research findings to inform policy makers and industries.