Luxembourg Hydrogen Valley

What is LuxHyVal?

LuxHyVal is a 5 years long project funded by the European Commission Horizon Europe Programme. LuxHyVal aims to contribute to the achievement of the European target on decarbonisation of the industrial sector before 2030 by launching a flagship hydrogen valley in Luxembourg to boost the penetration of hydrogen through:

Why LuxHyVal?

LuxHyVal spearheads Luxembourg's embrace of hydrogen as a linchpin in its decarbonization strategy, transitioning from imported grey hydrogen to locally produced green hydrogen. This initiative integrates stakeholders' interests and garners public acceptance while focusing on upskilling, environmental considerations, and digitalization. Through a phased approach, LuxHyVal aims to instill confidence among stakeholders and gradually scale up hydrogen adoption, leveraging six interconnected elements spanning technical, economic, market, and social dimensions. By doing so, LuxHyVal not only addresses energy-intensive sectors' needs but also sets a blueprint for sustainable hydrogen ecosystems, driving Luxembourg's transition towards a greener energy landscape.