Founded in 1948, SALES-LENTZ is a family-run Luxembourg company committed to sustainable mobility. 

SALES-LENTZ is a key player in the field of passenger transport, both in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region. Its impressive fleet of vehicles covers everything from the simplest request for individual mobility to organised trips, including public transport, school shuttles and group travel. 

SALES-LENTZ is actively involved in protecting the environment, whether through the acquisition of renewable energy vehicles or through CO2 offsetting aimed at climate-neutral activities. The introduction of shared-value products such as the Flexibus and Night Rider

Shuttles demonstrate both the company’s innovative spirit and its commitment to sustainable development. 

SALES-LENTZ is part of the SLG SA group

Role in the project:

SALES-LENTZ is leading the mobiltiy topics for the LuxHyVal consortium. This includes the creation of business models for transport operations with fuel cell vehicles, the design and planning of mobility & industry end-uses, but also the operation and validation of the concepts.