Luxenergie SA

Since 1990, LuxEnergie has been offering innovative, turnkey solutions in the energy sector that are both ecologically and economically efficient. The main service, energy contracting, comprises the planning, financing, construction and operation of energy plants as well as heating and cooling networks. The company has a broad range of expertise in the areas of biomass cogeneration, heating, cooling, emergency power, compressed air and steam. 

The consistent development of new technologies with the aim of driving forward the energy transition is a key concern.  

LuxEnergie holds 50% each in the companies Kiowatt, DataCenterEnergie and Airport-Energy and 40% in the company Callisto.

Role in the project:

The Encevo Group, including its subsidiaries Enovos and LuxEnergie, is actively involved in the LuxHyVal project, which aims to establish a Hydrogen Valley under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme. This initiative focuses on system integration, efficiency, security, market creation, and the complementarity of hydrogen with renewable energy sources, aligning with Encevo Group’s core business and strategy. Their role encompasses strategic connectivity with other initiatives, developing business models with partners, operating a 5 MW electrolyser for practical experience, and securing hydrogen purchase agreements with consumers to ensure consistent power supply.