Encevo SA

Encevo is a leading and sustainable energy player in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Encevo is active along the whole energy value chain. Committed to ensure a secure access and competitive supply of energy, Encevo actively helps shaping the transition to a sustainable energy sector. It does so by embracing technology, deploying innovative solutions and partnering up with local communities.

Role in the project:

The Encevo Group, including its subsidiaries Enovos and LuxEnergie, is actively involved in the LuxHyVal project, which aims to establish a Hydrogen Valley under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme. This initiative focuses on system integration, efficiency, security, market creation, and the complementarity of hydrogen with renewable energy sources, aligning with Encevo Group’s core business and strategy. Their role encompasses strategic connectivity with other initiatives, developing business models with partners, operating a 5 MW electrolyser for practical experience, and securing hydrogen purchase agreements with consumers to ensure consistent power supply.